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How To Choose A Safe Box in Singapore

safe deposit box SingaporeIn Singapore, safe boxes have gained much popularity recently. Many people are buying safe box in Singapore due to the reason that their belongings are easily available at home and they don’t need to visit the bank to get what is needed. There is a wide variety of safe boxes available in the market today. They have different features and are designed to fulfil the requirements of diverse customers. It is highly necessary to select the safe box wisely.

You should ask the following question to yourself before buying a safe box:

  • How much amount to spend?
  • Which safe size to select?
  • Whether to buy a fire resistant safe box or not?
  • Which items will go in the safe?
  • Which lock system to go for?
  • Whether to buy a portable or fix safe box? 
  • We can help you to get the most appropriate answer to these questions:

    The Safe Size

    What to put in the safe box? It is another related question that you should ask yourself. This requirement changes with time. If you don’t have any budget issue then go for the bigger size.

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    Fire Resistant Feature in a Safe Box

    Not all safe boxes are fire resistant. Fire resistant safes are specially designed to keep the content secure in case of fire where the temperature exceeds 1,000 °C. Safe boxes having fire resistance are categorized according to their ability to keep the content protected for the particular time in case of fire like half hour, 1-hour, 1.5-hour, 2-hour etc. A safe box should have at least 1-hour fire resistant. At, you can get different fire resistant safes of premium quality. 

    Items to put in the safe box

    Not every item can go in the safe box of your choice. There are different safe boxes for different things and you need to make the selection accordingly. For instance, media items should not go in the document safe box; because in case of fire, the humidity level achieved to keep the documents secure inside can destroy your media files. The internal temperature for data safes should not exceed 131 °F in case of fire; and for document safes, this temperature is 351 °F. 

    The volume of the safe matters too. If you need to place smaller items in it, then go for the standard size home safe that has 8 (height) x10 (width) x8 (depth) in inches. If you want to put bigger things, then has safe boxes having size of 68.3 (height) x 44.3 (width) x 28.9 (depth) in inches.

    The lock system of a safe box

    Safe boxes have different types of lock systems: touchscreen digital, mechanical key, fingerprint lock, override key, combination dial and key. Combination locks are considered the best because of the increased protection. At, you get all these kinds of lock systems.

    Portable or fix safe box

    There are two kinds of safe boxes: portable or fixed. Which one to select is up to your choice entirely. But remember, if you can carry a safe box, a burglar can as well. If you are putting your most precious items in a safe box then going for a fixed one is a better option. 

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