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What is Cash Rating of Safe Box? How Does it Help in Safe Selection?

safe deposit box SingaporeSafe Box is purchased to provide protection to your belongings. Many safe box vendors classify their products according to the cash rating. Cash rating is a parameter that tells you how secure the safe box is. It indicates the security level of the safe and gives a clear picture of the safe resistance against burglary. In general, higher cash rating means the safe is more secure and can withstand a burglar attack for long. The high grade safe with greater cash rating can withstand tough attacks while the low grade safe having lower cash rating can be opened with the skilful use of screw driver etc.

Difference Between Cash Rating and Valuable Rating in Safe Box in Singapore

There is a difference between cash rating and valuable rating. The valuable rating is ten times of the cash rating; that means the cash rating of £1000 can secure the good of £10,000. The valuable rating is also known as jewelry rating.

How Cash Rating is Determined for Safe Box in Singapore?

Cash Ratings are determined on the following factors: kind of door, lock type, wall thickness, placement and overall safe quality. The size of the safe is not the protection parameter. Two safe boxes of different sizes can have same cash rating depending on the material used to build them. For example: Yale YSM/520/EG1 and Yale YSM/250/EG1 both have the cash rating of £2,000 and valuable rating of £20,000 but the former one has the capacity of 49.8 l3 whereas the latter has the capacity of 16.8 l3. Here, the selection of your safe will depend on the size you want.

Type of Mounting Affecting Cash Rating of Safe Deposit Box in Singapore?

Cash ratings, in many cases, depend upon the mounting style of the safes as well. Under floor safes generally have the cash rating range of £3,000 to £35,000. On the other hand, wall safes mostly have cash rating starting from £1,000. Among all kinds of safes, floor standing safes are considered highly secure. Their cash rating starts from £1,000 and goes as high as £150,000.

Some of the Best Floor Standing Safe Deposit Box in Singapore are:

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe EF4738E: It has the cash rating of £2000

SentrySafe Security Safe T0-331: It comes with the cash rating of £1,000

Final Verdict of Cash Rate of Safe Box

Cash rating is a way by which the security level of any safe box can be determined. However, you should not make your selection by considering this single method only. There are others aspects as well like fire resistant feature, data protection abilities etc. One good way to select the safe is by visiting Safe Box Mart Safe Selector. They offer the most convenient way to choose the appropriate safe for home or office use. Their prices are also very competitive and best in Singapore.

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