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10 Things to Know about Safe Box in Singapore

safe deposit box SingaporeMany people use safe locks to protect their most important belongings such as special documents, jewelry and other valuable objects. There are different types of safes available in the market today. Before purchasing a safe deposit box in Singapore, there are certain things that a person should know.

How a Safe Box is Rated?

Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) inspects all safe boxes and provides special certification according to their quality. When the quality is rated by the number next to the letters “TL”, this rating tells about the number of minutes required by a skilled man to open the Safe box. If the safe has letters “TRTL”, it means that it provides protection against cutting torches. Those with “TXTL” letters stay strong against explosives, tools, tactics and torches. B-rated safes have the wall thickness of less than ½-inch and door thickness of less than 1-inch. C-rated safes have the same wall and door thickness as of B-rated safes but they are made of steel.

Which Size of a Safe Box is Better?

Bigger is better always. Don’t see what you need to put in today, but think about the future as well. Here at you will find safe boxes of different sizes at reasonable rates.

How Fire Affects the Safe Box?

How your car feels in a hot summer day? It is the same thing that your belongings face inside the Safe Box at the time of fire. The fire resistant safes are designed to keep the temperature of the interior to such limit i.e. below 350°F / 177°C so money and papers inside remain protected. It is achieved by creating steam inside.

Which Fire Ratings to Go For?

Fire resistant safe with at least one hour of fire protection should be selected. Click our Fireproof Safes to find some top fire resistant safe deposit box in Singapore.

Be Extra Careful with Media Files

Generally, fire resistant safe boxes are not designed to protect the media objects like hard drives, CDs, tapes, photographs, USB drives etc. For them, there are special media/ data safes that maintain the temperature below 135° and humidity lower than 85%.

Which Lock System is the Best?

Redundant locks are considered best because they have both – mechanical as well as electronic locks. It increases the hurdle for the burglar to break in. If one lock is overpowered, the other one is present to protect your belongings.

Service of Mechanical Lock is Necessary

If you have a safe box with the mechanical lock or you want to buy one, then it is recommended that you should get it serviced by a qualified safe box technician after every five years.

Always Anchor the Safe

It is an important aspect because it will be easy for a burglar to move the safe box to another place to open it with ease. The anchor holes come with the safes are good to hold them into concrete.

Don't Go Cheap Blindly

It makes sense sometimes to buy a really cheap safe box - you might only need it for a short period of time; or you will not put highly valuable stuff in the safe box; or you want to use it more like a "locker" rather than a safe. In these cases, yes, you can consider those cheap safe boxes. But in most other cases, you are protecting your most valuable asset in the safe box so it is highly necessary to invest right. Buy once to protect your belongings for years.

How to Select a Safe?

Selecting the safe box is easy if you take help from an expert. Visit and know which safe box fulfils all your needs.