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  1. Nikawa Bio Lite Safe 25FPN
    Nikawa Bio Lite Safe 25FPN
    was $299.00 Special Price $229.00
  2. Nikawa Bio Lite Safe 20FPN
    Nikawa Bio Lite Safe 20FPN
    was $349.00 Special Price $279.00
  3. Yale Fire Safe YFM/695/FG2
    Yale Fire Safe YFM/695/FG2
    was $1,499.00 Special Price $1,399.00
  4. Yale YFF/520/FG2 Biometric Fireproof Safe
    Yale YFF/520/FG2 Biometric Fireproof Safe
    was $1,299.00 Special Price $1,199.00

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Buy Safe Box in Singapore

Every Singaporean family considers the safe box as the first important tool to protect their property and documents. The safe manufacturing industry of Singapore and other countries has introduced a large variety of safe boxes for home and office security purpose. That is why if you want to buy safe box in Singapore, you have multiple options to get a product according to your capacity and nature of use.

A safe box is the need of every house and office to secure the valuables like money, jewelry, and official documents. Even you may need a safe lock to secure your personal belongings at home that you wouldn’t share with other family members. Having a reliable and quality safe box for office and home security is a piece of mind. You feel the important belongings safe and secure in your absence. No issue, if you leave the office for short period or for the extended hours because you have a safe to protect your documents and valuable possessions. Every user has his/her own requirements and budget limits to buy safe box in Singapore; however, the safety must never be compromised.

With the passage of time, safe manufacturers have added latest technology to enhance the security of locks. Although, the final safety rests with the physical security; however, multilevel security safe boxes provide reasonable resistance against theft. Presently, safe boxes with digital lock and alarm system are highly popular and effective for home and office security. Many companies have introduced the time lock safe products in Singapore. If you forget to lock your safe box, it will be automatically locked after the present time is over.

The advancement of technology has enhanced the security options for the safe boxes. Presently, three to eight digit lock system, touch screen lock system, biometric lock system and many latest lock system products have been introduced in Singapore. The customers who want to buy a safe box in Singapore have many options to choose from. The cost of the safe lock products varies with the features and quality of the product. Although, the buying capacity and budget limits are the common hurdles; however, always try to buy a more safe and reliable safe box with maximum security of your valuable possessions.

There are many types of safes available in the Singapore market today. Here at SafeBoxMart, we sell safe boxes with the best price in town and provide our customers with state of the art security solutions that are guaranteed to give others a run for their money. Whether you need fingerprint safes, mechanical safes, cabinet safes or deposit safes for your homes and businesses in Singapore, our wide range of a whopping 120 models is guaranteed to impress. Home to the world’s best-renowned brands of safes that you can trust, Yale Safe, Diplomat Safe, Sentry Safe, Nika Safe, Nikawa Safe, Godrej Safe, Aiko Safe, and Lucell Safe will give you peace of mind that your valuable belongings are in the right place. Start to choose and buy a safe box now