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10 Best Selling Safes in Singapore in 2016

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Do you have your valuables well-protected? Some people think of home safes as an optional luxury rather than an important necessity. But if the rubber hits the road, home safes become one of the smartest purchases you will ever make. But not all safes are the same. The cheapest ones look like metal boxes with simplistic locks, while the most expensive safes offer multiple features and can cost you thousands of dollars. The best safe doesn’t have to be the most expensive one though. It should fit your specific needs. Below, you will find the 10 best selling safes in Singapore that are worth your attention. (Resources: & Year of statistics: 2016)

1. SentrySafe Security Safe X055

This is one of the smallest home safes and is designed for people who need to store small valuables with basic security. It has a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet and is extremely easy to conceal. SentrySafe X055 is perfect for bolting down somewhere out of sight. The types of items you can store are family keepsakes, jewelry, small electronic items, cell phones, and important documents. However, if you need to store legal sized paper and want it to lie flat, you might check out one of the bigger models listed below.

sentrysafe security safe x055

Price: $148 with free delivery; $128 with self-collection. Buy now

2. SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331

This is a highly secure safe that is bigger than the previous model. It has a heavier weight and a thicker door to ensure your belongings remain extra-safe. SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331 includes two adjustable shelves where you can store jewelry, folders, files, and collectables. The door of the safe has a bungee organizational system to hold larger items, and there is also a key rack for your keys. T6-331 includes a programmable electronic lock and four locking bolts with keys to safeguard your valuables. It cannot be drilled into thanks to the solid steel construction. It can also be bolted down to the floor.

sentrysafe security safe t6 331

Price: $648 $628 with free delivery. Buy now

3. Nika Bio LiteSafe NBL250

Nika NBL250 is one of Nika Safes models that come from the Singapore brand, while made in Korea. This is the only safe brand that has 24/7 technical support. You can create a password, or use fingerprints or keys to unlock the safe. NBL250 can memorize 32 fingerprints and includes two keys for emergency unlock. This is one of the best combinations of price and quality you can find on the market.

Nika Bio LiteSafe NBL250

Price: $299 $249 with free delivery. Buy now

4. Nika Bio Lite Safe NBL580

Nika NBL580’s locking system is similar to the previous model, and it has the same convenient feature of creating a PIN code and using it to unlock the safe. The fingerprints feature and two keys for emergency unlock are also included, and you only need to change the battery once a year (if you open the safe three times a day). Besides, NBL580 includes a removable shelf and 4mm body and door thickness for better protection. Nika Safes also offers the Parts replacement program for the safe, just in case you need something fixed.


Price: $699 with free delivery. Buy now

5. Yale Standard Safe YSB/400/EB1

Yale YSB/400/EB1can be opened using a resettable user code that you enter on a LCD display or a manual override key. Designers also though out the look of the safe, so that it feels like a luxurious item and not as a box with a lock.
This safe features a laser cut door, so it’s impossible for thieves to get to your valuables.

yale standard safe ysb 400 eb1

Price: $450 $438 with free delivery. Buy now

6. SentrySafe Security Safe X125

SentrySafe X125 includes a nifty electronic lock to provide simple access without the need to search for keys. However, a key is included for emergency unlock. The size is perfect for the majority of laptops, and you can access a power cord to charge your electronics. Inside the safe you can find a removable shelf to ensure better flexibility, and the floor is soft to avoid scratches. It also includes mounting hardware to deliver better stability. X125 is designed to protect documents, cash, and valuables, and features a pry-resistant body and door to protect against unauthorized entry.


Price: $288 with free delivery; $268 with self-collection. Buy now

7. SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW123DTB

SentrySafe SFW123DTB is designed to protect your documents, digital media, and other valuables from theft, water and fire. This safe is built to resist extreme conditions and protect your items at temperatures over 920 degrees Celsius. This is one of the safes that were certified in the ETL labs.SFW123DTB has a key rack, movable shelf, door tray, and door pocket for small items. The dual combination lock provides extra security and protects against thieves. You can also use a bolt down kit to prevent removal of the safe. SFW123DTB is UL certified for fire endurance to protect items from fire damage.


Price: $668 with free delivery. Buy now

8. Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT360

Nika NT360 has won multiple awards for stunning fire resistant properties. The safe has been tested under 1,000 degrees Celsius and performed on a high level. It includes an electronic keypad and master keys in case of emergency. Additionally, you can create a password. If the password is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the safe will shut down for five minutes.Even without power, thieves can’t open the safe, thanks to its external battery that can last for over two years with five openings every day. The safe comes with a 24/7 warranty and parts replacement program.

nika fire resistance safe nt360

Price: $550 with free delivery. Buy now

9. Diplomat Electronic Safe 119E

Diplomat Electronic Safe 119E offers security and convenience for home or business use. The biggest advantage of electronic safes is the ability to set any password and change it while ensuring quick and easy access to the safe.If you enter your password wrong five times in a row, the safe will be frozen for five minutes. The door comes with a unique curvature design that prevents water from seepage into the safe. Smoke and heat also can’t get penetrate because of the precise fitting of the body frame.

diplomat electronic safe 119e

Price: $418 with free delivery. Buy now

10. Yale Fire Safe YFM/520/FG2

Yale YFM/520/FG2 is a medium-sized safe that is large enough to store files and A4 papers, jewelry, certificates, passports, and other valuables. It also provides great protection from fire damage. It features a programmable one-time password in case you have a guest who may need to open a safe once. You can also lock it down for a given period of time, meaning nobody can open it for a certain period.

yale fire safe yfm 520 fg2

Price: $899 $828 with free delivery. Buy now