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12 Best Selling Safes in Singapore in 2020

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A safe box is necessary at home or in the office when you have items to protect, like passports, jewelry, or other vital documents. You only require small storage space to place your safe, and you are good to go.

We have a selection of the best selling safes in Singapore in 2020 that you can get, regardless of your budget. Protect your possessions today with the below 12 best selling safe box in Singapore:

1. Nikawa Security Safe NEK250

If you are looking for a budget-friendly safe box, this Nikawa model is an excellent option. With $200.00 or less, you can take home a safe with a strong password combination of 3 to 8 codes. Use the reset button to change the code or the override key in cases of emergency. Three indicator lights notify you when it’s open or the battery is running low, or any important warnings. The interior has a protective carpet for your items.

Nikawa Security Safe NEK250

Price: $149 with free delivery. Buy now

2. Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT310

Still on a budget, but need more features than just a strong password? This safe offers just that. With a stronger password key of 4 to 16 digits, one personal password, a master key, and 2 user keys, it gets harder for unauthorized persons to access the safe as an authorised user will need to use both password and user key to open the safe. Better still, it shuts down for 5 minutes if one enters the wrong passwords up to 3 times. The safe features a long-running external AA battery for easy access in case of a power outage. It’s also fire resistant up to 1000 Degree Celsius for an hour.

Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT310

Price: $388 with free delivery. Buy now

3. Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 119

This Diplomat 119 safe uses a combination of codes and a key to open. For maximum safety, the safe requires up to a million different code combinations to crack, plus a two-way solid bolt locking system that's hard to force open on the hinges. It is a large-sized safe that fits A4 files, separated with drawers for your items' better organization. Your items are also protected from fire and liquid, like water. The safe is fire resistant and withstands hot temperatures of 1010 Degree Celsius for about an hour. Its door is also has a multi-curvature design that prevents liquids from seeping in.

Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 119

Price: $228.00 with free delivery. Buy now

4. Diplomat Electronic Safe 125E

Diplomat Safe 125E is a popular option in Singapore for most individuals who want an electronic safe at a friendly price. With Diplomat's track record of providing reliable safes, you can count on this one to keep your possession safe from any prying individuals, whether in the house or the office. You can program the passcodes with 4 to 16 digits, where the safe freezes for 5 minutes if one tries up to 5 times. You can also enable the inbuilt alarm to go off if the safe is moved or tilted more than 45-degrees. The inside is compartmentalised, and the top drawer is adjustable to suit your needs. Most importantly, use the built-in LED to light the interior of the safe in the dark.

Diplomat Electronic Safe 125E

Price: $518.00 with free delivery. Buy now

5. Diplomat Combination & Key Safe 530

Protect your valuables from fire, water, and theft with this affordable Diplomat's Safe model. It uses both a key and digital locking, with a million lock combinations required to unlock the code. One needs both the key and the combination code to open the safe, failure to which one cannot access the safe. One cannot gain access by breaking in since the door has a 2-way locking system. The safe is also fire resistant, up to 1010°C, with an anti-rust primer coating that keeps the safe from rusting.

Diplomat Combination & Key Safe 530

Price: $538.00 with free delivery to ground/lift accessible level. Buy now

6. SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331

This SentrySafe is one of their most affordable and well-serving models, with three compartments and a door hook for storage, plus a key rack for hiding any sensitive keys. You can still adjust the shelves to fit any large files you might have. It uses an electronic locking system that uses a 6 lever overriding key lock. With the 4 live-locking hinges, concealed hinges, and a wall thickness of 3mm, breaking into this safe is an impossible mission.

SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331

Price: $631.00 with free delivery. Buy now

7. SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW123GTC

SentrySafe is one of the most trusted brands in Singapore, and the SFW123GTC is one of its most popular models of 2020. It will protect your prized possessions from theft, fire, and water. Security features include four large live-locking bolts, a dual electronic lock, a master key, and a hinge bar that's pry-resistant. It is fire resistant up to 927°C for about an hour and a drop of up to 4.5 meters. It is also water-resistance of about 20cm for a day. The interior is also customised for maximum benefits, with a multi-position tray, pocket door, compartments for small items, key rack, and an LED light.

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW123GTC

Price: $776.00 with free delivery. Buy now

8. Diplomat Electronic Safe 070EHK

Among the many Diplomat models, the 070EHK has been a favourite in Singapore for people in need of a high-end model at a mid-range price. Program your preferred password with 4 to 16 digits. Organise your items properly in the top drawer plus the adjustable tray, with an LED light that lets you see the inside. You can rest easy knowing unauthorised people will not gain access, thanks to the array of safety measures. Among them, the ability to freeze when fed with the wrong password up to 5 times, fire resistance, and a multi-curvature door design prevent water and other liquids from entering. It also has 3-way solid locking hinges that no one can break.

Diplomat Electronic Safe 070EHK

Price: $1,078.00 with free delivery to ground/lift accessible level. Buy now

9. Nika Fire Resistance Safe T670 (NT670)

This Nika NT670 is your go-to safe if you have many items to protect at home or in the office. It features a capacity of 52.45 liters with different compartments to arrange your stuff accordingly. The top drawer is lockable for locking away any expensive or sensitive items, like jewelry and personal documents. You will get a master key plus 2 user keys and 5 unique passwords for the important people that require access. One of its best features is the ability to hide your passwords on the LCD screen. The safe box uses AA battery which can be easily replaced externally.

Nika Fire Resistance Safe T670 (NT670)

Price: $1,130.00 with free delivery to ground/lift accessible level. Buy now

10. SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe STW205GYC

The SentrySafe STW205GYC is everything you need from a high-model safe to protect your valuables. We are talking about 6 large bolts thicker than those of traditional safe models and a pry-resistant hinge bar, making it impossible for anyone to break into the safe. Its advanced fire-resistant design can stand fires of up to 1010°C for about 2 hours, while others only last an hour in less hot conditions. The safe uses a dual locking mechanism where you require a key and an electronic lock. It's also water-resistant up to 20cm for 24 hours and can survive a fall of up to 4.5 meters. This safe has a door tray, door rack, key rack, a locking drawer, and a flexible organising tray on storage.

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe STW205GYC

Price: $1,398.00 with free delivery. Buy now

11. Nikawa Fingerprint Safe 70FPD

Take your items' protection to the next level with a more digitised system that only recognises your fingerprints. If not, you can still use a pin code to access the safe. Nikawa 70FPD is well built to protect one's valuables, thanks to the 2 solid locking bars, a warning beep if the safe is not locked correctly, and a motorised 20mm deadbolt mechanism for locking the door. You can save up to 32 fingerprints, allowing you to use it in the office or a household with many family members. The interior is well carpeted with and LED light and shelves, where one is fully adjustable.

Nikawa Fingerprint Safe 70FPD

Price: $749.00 with free delivery. Buy now

12. Diplomat Electronic Safe 120EHK

Are you willing to spend as much as it takes to keep your valuables as protected as possible? Diplomat has the perfect safe for that. The 120EHK uses both electronic and key access methods, where you can use a combination of 4 to 16 digits for your passcode. When the wrong code is entered, the safe freezes and a 3-way solid door-system that one cannot break-in. The safe is integrated with an alarm that you can activate to go off if someone tilts the safe or vibrated. If you need a safe for the office or one that requires two trusted people to open it, you can activate the dual authentication mode. This ensures that only 2 people can open the safe at any given time. The design of the safe also ensures liquids do not seep in. It's a large safe with a capacity of 162.9 litres and can accommodate arch files. With weight of 228kg, the safe can resist the fire of 1010°C for 2 hours, which makes a perfect choice for both home and business users.

Diplomat Electronic Safe 120EHK

Price: $2,040.00 with free delivery to the ground/lift accessible level. Buy now