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A Guide to the Different Types of Safe Boxes in Singapore

safe deposit box SingaporeWhen you will go to buy a safe box, you will find many different types of safe box in the market. Their specifications include resistance from fire or water, lock type, placement and burglar resistance. How to know which safe box fulfills your need? The easiest way is to see the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing certifications because it is highly trusted and accurate.

Data Safes / Document Safe / Fire Resistant Safe

These data safes protect the data inside even at the time of fire. These safes are divided into three different classes:

Class 125: These safes maintain the internal temperatures of 52°C with 80% humidity in case of fire. They are designed to protect computer disks including floppy disks, compact disks, etc. Most new kind of media disks becomes unusable at the temperature of 177 °C. These safes provide enough protection to these data holders at the time when temperature exceeds 1000°C.

Class 150: Designed specially to protect magnetic tapes, these safes keep the internal temperatures at 66°C with 85% humidity. They are good enough to protect compact disks as well.

Class 350: These safes are made to protect paper data. As paper starts to auto-ignite at 233°C, these safes protect the paper inside by maintaining the internal temperatures of 177°C with 85% humidity. These safes keep documents and cash secure.

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If you are looking for a fire resistant data safe box for your home then our suggestions are:

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW082DTB

Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT530

Yale Fire Safe YFM/352/FG2

Gun Safe

UL has given a special rating to gun safe i.e. UL 1037. These safes are not very strong against tool resistance and theft but provide moderate protection.

Residential Security Safe

Class TL-15

These safes clear all the UL Standard 687 tests. They come with the combination lock which is able to provide resistance against electrical and mechanical tools for at least 15 minutes.

Class TL-30

Same as above, these safes also have the combination lock system but the protection time against mechanical and electrical picking tool is extended to 30 minutes.

Class TL-40

Again, these are the safes with the combination lock and provide protection against mechanical and electrical picking tools for 40 minutes. They even give protection against power saws and cutting wheels.

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Class TRTL-30 and Class TRTL-60

If you are placing a highly valuable item in the Class TRTL-30 and Class TRTL-60 safe boxes then these safes provide the optimum protection to your content for 30 and 60 minutes respectively. Along with providing protection against cutting, electrical and mechanical tools, these safes can even resist the cutting torch and oxy-fuel welding.

Class TXTL-60

This class has all the features of the Class TRTL-60 along with the ability to bear the nitroglycerine or other explosions.

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