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Review of Diplomat Safe Box in Singapore

Diplomat Safe Box SingaporeDiplomat safe boxes are the product of Diplomat Safes Ltd - a Korean company founded in the year 1982. Having the Headquarter and production unit in Noksan National Industrial Complex, Busan, the company supplies its safe boxes to more than 100 countries globally. Like other parts of the world, Diplomat is the famous brand of safe box in Singapore.

How Diplomat has become a Trusted Provider of Safe Box in Singapore

Achievements of Diplomat Safes

Since its development, Diplomat has earned the trust of thousands of users and gained many awards, some of which are as follow:

Gained fire resistant mark KS first in Korean-made safes

Gained fire safe quality mark P in Sweden first among Korean safes

Gained data safe quality mark P in Korean made safes

Korean government honored them with the world class product manufacturer award

Obtained quality assurance marks including P, UL, KS, GOST, JIS and EN

ISO9001 Management System set up

Huge Product Range of Diplomat Safes

Diplomat Safesoffers a huge range of quality safes. Their product range has something for everyone. Their product list includes the safes from the following categories:

Electronic Safe

Combination Dial Safe

Fingerprint Safe

Touch Screen Safe

Fire Filing Cabinet.

Incredible Rates of Diplomat Safes

As we stated earlier, Diplomat offers the safe boxes for all – this is evident in their price range as well. The lowest price tag present on their safe is not more than $250. Even when you are low on budget, they have a safe box for you. 

Why to Select Diplomat Safe Box in Singapore

Diplomat is in the good list of the customers and that’s why it has earned most trustworthy brand award in Korea. There are many reasons to go for diplomat safe boxes:

Huge variety having diverse features and different sizes, that means something for everyone

Construction level is superb and meet many international quality standards

Optimized protection

Combination safes come with 5-year product warranty and electrical safes has 1-year product warranty

After sale service and support available everyday

How to Select a Safe Box in Singapore

Safe Box Mart is the authorized dealer of Diplomat safe in Singapore. They offer big variety of their safe boxes at the best possible rates. When you want to buy a safe box, use their special safe selector feature that is exclusively design for the easy and efficient selection. Just put on the details of the safe in your mind, and you will get the best available safe according to your requirements.

Final Verdict of Diplomat Safes in Singapore

Among the many others safe box brands available in the market today, Diplomat stands out because of its best quality construction and flawless design. The company has not stopped its research; they are working day and night to improve their products further and become the top choice of the customers. Recently, Busan Metropolitan City has awarded them with the award of Business leader for boosting local employment, which shows how fast the company is growing.

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