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Things That Should Be Kept in a Safe Box at Home

safe deposit box SingaporeThere are many important things that should not be placed in the bank safe deposit box. They should be kept safely in the house for instant access. As these things are of great significance, they should be provided with extra security and safe box will do this job for you. Things that you should put in the safe box are as follow:

To put in the safe: Legal Documents

Copies of power of attorney papers, etc. should be kept at home for the instant access at the hour of need. Wills should be placed at home because banks allow very limited access to the safe deposit box, and sometimes, the authorized person is not available.

Some best known fire resistant document safe box in Singapore to store your legal documents are:

Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT360

Yale Fire Safe YFM/520/FG2

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW123GTC

To put in the safe: Insurance Documents

House, car, health, life, all kinds of insurance documents should be placed in the fire resistant document safe box. They should be at home for the immediate use in the case of any mishap.

To put in the safe: Passport

The need of passport can vary for person to person. If a person requires it in a day time, he or she can go to the bank to retrieve it, but what will happen when it is required urgently at the night hour or bank holiday? Thus, it is necessary to place your passport in a place from where you can access it without any delay. Some safe deposit boxes that are ideal to put this important document are:

Yale Fire Safe YFM/352/FG2

Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT310

Diplomat Electronic Safe 119E

To put in the safe: Jewelry

Jewelry that is in use should be kept safely as well. It is not wise to go to the bank every time when you need to wear a ring or any other item. Many times we need to skip the idea of wearing our favorite jewelry because we need to run to the bank for it. Safe Box Mart provides some of the best deposit safe box in Singapore that could help you to secure your precious asset.

To put in the safe: Security Cards and Identity Papers

Both of these things are important and required on day to day basis. It is important to protect them and keep them out from the reach of the identity thieves. The perfect safe box here is the one that provides fire resistance along with perfect security like Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT750, SentrySafe Biometric Fire Safe SFW205BXC, and Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 125.

To put in the safe: Important Data

In the case of fire, all your hard work can go in vain if the fire flames affect your computer. It is suggested that if your computer working need day and night struggle then you should make the backup of your data and place it in the safe box. That’s not all; the list goes on according to your priority of things like spare keys, spare car keys, cash, valuables, guns etc. Whenever you want to buy safe deposit box in Singapore at highly competitive prices, visit Safe Box Mart to get the genuine products at the best price.

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