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Types of Safe Box Locks and How to Choose Them

safe deposit box SingaporeThe main aim behind buying the safe box is the security of the content inside – and the security entirely relies on the lock system you select. There are two kinds of lock systems available today: electronic and mechanical. This article discusses about the types of lock systems that are used in the safe box and their pros and cons.

Best electronic safe deposit box in Singapore

Electronic safe box is the one that has an electronic lock. It opens or closes by using electric current. As authentication is the vital feature of any electronic safe box, mainly two major types of authentication processes are used in electronic safe: password and biometric (fingerprint).


This is the most common form of security method used in electronic safes. These safes come with the keypad that has numbers on it. The user has to enter the correct form of password that generally has 4 to 6 digits.


Simple to use

Accessible for everyone who knows the code (convenient choice when access is essential for more than one person)

Highly secure


A bit costly

Repair costs a lot if you forget the password

Recently used digits can be recognized on the keypad after sometime

Security is enhanced when two locks are used together. Digital locks mostly come with the combination of key. If you want enhanced security then Yale YLM/200/EG1, SentrySafe Security Safe X105, Diplomat Electronic Safe 530E, and Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT610 might interest you.


Biometric provides more advanced form of security. As it is a highly sensitive method that recognizes a person without any error, it is gaining more and more fame. Retinal scanning, voice identification and fingerprint scanning are mostly used biometrics; among them, the last one is greatly used in safe box.


Easy access

Very little time is needed to open the lock

Top notch security – only the recognized people can open the safe


Injury interferes scanning and access can be denied

At SafeBoxMart, biometric safes are available at very affordable rates. If you are low on budget then you can go for Nika Bio Lite Safe NBL250, Nika Bio Lite Safe NBL200, and Nika Bio Lite Safe NBL400. If budget is not your issue then look for Yale YFF/420/FG2 Biometric Fireproof Safe, Diplomat Next Premium Safe DPS6500, and Diplomat Fingerprint Safe TFL100, as they are some of the best biometric safe box in Singapore today.

Best mechanical safe box in Singapore

The most commonly used mechanical locks are key locks. Keys are the traditional method of securing any content inside the safe. Quality key locks provide the same level of protection as any electronic locks. When it comes to key lock, it is highly recommended to never go for cheap ones because they are easy to pick and don’t provide enough protection.


Quality locks provide good security


If one key is locked, duplicate can be used

Repair doesn’t cost much


Cheap locks are easy to pick

Keys can be lost

Keys are breakable

Combination Lock:

This is the kind of the lock in which series of symbols or numbers is used. The locking mechanism can either be mechanical or electrical. Mostly a dial or a keypad is used to enter the sequence recognized by the lock system.


Highly secure

No key is needed

Provides extra security

No lockout


Takes little longer than other methods

Services of a locksmith or manufacturer would be required when there is a need of changing the combination

Push buttons become worn out with time

The top combination locks safe boxes available in the market today are: Diplomat 119, Diplomat 530, and SentrySafe SFW205DPB.


Every lock system has its own pros and cons - which one to select is dependent on you entirely. If you are a person who forgets the key, then digital locks are for you and if you forget the password, then keys are for you. Just remember, if you remain alert and careful, then every lock system will work out for you.

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