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Review of Famous Safe Box Brands in Singapore

In the market today, many different safe box brands are offering their products. Some safe brands stand out from others because of their premium quality and flawless protection. This article discusses the top few brands of safe deposit box in Singapore.

Best Brands of Safe Box in Singapore


SentrySafe safe box SingaporeFounded in 1930, SentrySafe is a USA based brand that makes different varieties of safe boxes for commercial and non-commercial use. Most of their safes are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rated. They produce fire resistant and waterproof safes as well at highly affordable rates.

SentrySafe Security Safe X055 is the safe with digital/override key that costs less than $130. It is ideal for the home users. They have similar products that don’t burden customer’s pocket. Their highly reputable fire resistant safe boxes also have very competitive rates starting from $550. Their safes are categorized according to their functions: combination safe, security safe, fingerprint safe, fire and water resistant safe, hotel safe, deposit safe and fire filing cabinet.

Safe Box Mart is the top and authorized supplier of SentrySafe in Singapore. We have complete range of their safe boxes. All SentrySafe Safe Boxes come with one year product warranty.

Nika Safe

Nika safe box SingaporeNika Safe is a Singapore brand that offers technical support 24-hour a day. Their safes are perfect for home and office use. They offer variety of user friendly features in their products. Their safes are categorized into Fire Resistant safes and Biometric safes. Their digital safes have fire resistant features with override key.

Starting from $299 (promotion price of $199 till 31 December 2016) (Nika Safe NBL250) to $1900 (Nika Safe NT1000), they offer reliable safe boxes with impeccable customer care.

Safe Box Mart offers complete Nika Safe range with free delivery. Their fire resistant safe boxes have warranty of two years while biometric ones come with one year warranty. Even after the completion of warranty time period, customers can still enjoy the 24-hour technical support.

Yale Safe

Yale safe box SingaporeYale is a renowned Singapore safe brand that offers a diverse range of safe box including Yale Certified Safes, Yale Standard Safes, Yale Fireproof Safes, and Yale Biometric Safes. The former two safes are the digital safe boxes having mechanical override keys, and the latter two are the digital safes that are opened by entering the password or by detecting the fingerprint.

Yale safes are bit expensive than others. Yale YSB/250/EB1 has the lowest price tag among all Yale safes and it will cost you $379.

Safe Box Mart is the authorized dealer of the Yale safe box in Singapore. All the Yale safes come with one year product warranty.

LuCell Safe

SentrySafe safe box SingaporeFounded in 1973, LuCell is the Korean safe box brand for the trendy people. They make designer safe boxes that not only look beautiful but also provide optimum protection to the content inside. They have introduced innovative "interior design safes" with modern look and updated technology.

LuCell Designer Safes are categorized according to their price range i.e. low-cost, mid-range, and high-end. Their low-cost LuCell LuSafe NPSM-020 has the price tag of $899.

Safe Box Mart is the authorized dealer of the LuCell Designer Safes in Singapore. These safes are available with one year warranty.

Diplomat Safe

SentrySafe safe box SingaporeFounded in 1982, Diplomat safe boxes are made in Korea. They are renowned all around the globe because of their high quality and reliability. Diplomat safes are the top choice of the home and office users. Their safe boxes are divided into following categories: Electronic Safe, Fingerprint Safe, Combination Safe, Touch Screen Safe and Fire Filing Cabinet. Because of the premium quality they provide, their combination dial safes come with 5-year warranty. Their price range starts from less than $250 (Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 119).

Safe Box Mart is the authorized dealer of Diplomat safe box in Singapore. We offer all the Diplomat Safes at highly affordable rates.

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