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Review of SentrySafe Safe Boxes in Singapore

Safe Boxes have gained much popularity in Singapore in the last few years. Nowadays, they have become one significant object to have in the home. They provide convenient storage and easy availability of the important items. There are many safe brands that are offering their products in the market today and Sentry Safe is one of them. It lies among the highly renowned brands of safe box in Singapore.

SentrySafe Safe Box SingaporeSentrySafe is the safe brand from The Master Lock Company. It is the USA brand that has been in business since 1930. SentrySafe produces huge variety of safe boxes that are offered all over the world. Their product range include home and office safe including fire resistant safe, water resistant safe, fingerprint safe, combination dial safe, hotel safe and fire filing cabinet.

SentrySafe as One of the Top Brands of Safe Box in Singapore

Achievements of SentrySafe

If we look at the achievements of SentrySafe, we will find that it is the World Leader in Fire-Resistant and Security Storage. They have many Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) qualified safes.

Prices of SentrySafe

SentrySafe offers products of diverse price range. Safes are present in less than $150 up to more than $3, 000. Their increased price is the surety of improved and better product. As compared with other brands, their prices are highly competitive.

Huge Range of SentrySafe

No matter which form of safe you want, SentrySafe offers all. Whether you have to fulfil office or home needs, their product diversity has something for everyone. They have around 40 models in their product list.

Pros of Selecting SentrySafe as the Brand of Safe Box in Singapore

There are many reasons to go for SentrySafe when you buy the safe box in Singapore:

Diverse security feature to fulfill the needs of every customer

Huge price range; not to worry even if you are low on budget

Have safes that are UL certified and provide up to two hours of fire resistance

Have safes that are ETL Verified for

2 hour fire protection for DVDs, CDs, USB Drives and Memory Cards up to 1010°C

Most of their safes have dual lock system for enhanced protection

If in the warranty period, any mechanical issue appeared, they change the product if you make the claim

Cons of Selecting SentrySafe as the Brand of Safe Box in Singapore:

We have searched high and low and found some cons of SentrySafe:

A bit slower customer service but cooperative staff; you may have to wait for some time, especially during the lunch hour to get your call connected to the customer service agent

No 24x7 customer support

No customer support during public holiday and Sunday

In some safes, air tight container is required to place humidity sensitive items inside

Final Verdict of Sentry Safe in Singapore

Overall, SentrySafe is a good safe brand – it has more pros than cons. Their product range is big with diverse features. One best place to buy SentrySafe is Safe Box Mart. They have a special safe selector that allows easy searching of the features you want in any safe. Use it to get the most suitable safe for your home or office.

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